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ETHIX Edzett ND 32 Filter (Gopro 8/9/SESSION)

4 390 Ft

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Csomag tartalma : 1 db ND filter

Introducing the new &improved static cling tempered glass ND filter for the GoPro Hero 8 &Session 4/5. GoPros are not exactly easy when it comes to ND filters, especially for the cash-conscious buyer. These things get put in harm’s way more often than we care to think about. Why not protect your GoPro’s lens while strapping on a pair of nice ND8 ND16 or ND32 sunglasses. Our ND filters let the user fix their shutter speed during intense lighting situations, this resulting is the desired cinematic look of the 180 rule. These ND filters are laser cut Tempered glass that not only protects your precious camera lens from dirt &debris but also can be taken on and off with reusable static cling.

These filters are made for the Hero 8 / 9 and Session.


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