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Tiny Rainbow LED Quad Kit

11 590 Ft

Készleten, szállítás akár 1 munkanap alatt!

Csomag tartalma: 

1x LED Power Board v1
1x 20 x 20mm -  30 x 30mm adapter
8x Tiny Rainbow LED csatlakozóval
4x  Hosszú led szilikon vezeték
4x rövid led szilikon vezeték

44 LEDs and only soldering 3 wires? LEDs are even easier to add to your quad.  6x leds per side of quad and 8 per arm. Perfect for international races where LEDs are required.


  • 5 volt 3 Amp Regulator
  • 12 Side Fire LEDs, ( 6 each side)
  • Soft Mounting for 20×20 and adapter included for 30×30
  • JST-SH Connectors for Outputs to each arm.
  • Solder pads on bottom of board for extra leds. and backup if connector breaks during crash.
  • Supports up to 44 LEDs
  • Connect up 8 of the Tiny Rainbow V2 with the LED Wire kit and add 44 leds to your quad.


Wire 2-6s Input to B+ pad, Wire GND and LED DI to the Flight Controller. Setup betaflight as 1 LED ( All 12 on board act as 1 led in parallel, This is better for racing)



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