TinyLeds PDB LED-hez 5volt 30×30/20×20

690 Ft

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Built for 5volt FC addressable LEDs. Clean up your wiring for cheap.

Features ability to daisy chain or solder bypass pad to send the first LED data signal to the next output.  Great for adding more than 32 LEDS in betaflight. This will allow easy expansion yet still allow some control. Betaflight and Flightone all allow LED switch off using functions already built into the software. No need for a 5th FC wire like other products.

Use this to mount a 20×20 FC on a 30×30 stack as well or the other way around.

You can Also use this for a VBATT LED like the Tiny LED. Just wire battery into the input.

Weight:  1.9grams

Dimensions: 36x36mm

Contents: 1x LED PDB board

Figyelem: A LED-ek rendkívül melegednek, legyen nagyon óvatos, ha a quadjait beépített LED-ekkel kezeli.