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Pyrodrone Pyropatch 5.8G Dual Patch Antenna (SMA , RHCP)


Csomag tartalma 1 darab Pyropatch Antenna , 3D nyomtatott tartó nélkül. Ha valakinek szűksége van a 3D nyomtatótt tartóra. Kérem írjon emailt: a -ra.
Mounting base and antenna sleeve .STL files (Print in PLA)

The Pyropatch is a compact and innovative antenna solution for Fatshark goggles. The dual elements RF patch is designed. assembled, and tested by TrueRC.
It is the first FPV antenna to feature static beam steering.
The two CP antennas direct their beam at 20deg left and right from a single flat panel instead of relying on two separate angled patches.
This helps keep a more affordable and lower profile than what is offered so far.

This listing is for the Antenna ONLY for those that would like to print the mounting solution by themselves. (Print files are available at the bottom of this page)

If buying one of each polarization, we highly recommend to buy one full set and one antenna ONLY, as to switch antennas from RHCP to LHCP is pretty easy by popping the antenna out of its sleeve without having to remove any screws.

-Gain: 6Dbic @20deg from boresight on each side.
-Bandwidth: 5500-6000MHz
-Combined Beamwidth(-3dB): 100deg horiz. 60deg vert.
-Polarization: RHCP or LHCP

· Tilting panel so pilot can look down while still pointing the antenna at the action.
· Extremely low profile and weight: 18g (ant only), 26g (full setup)
· Fit nicely in stock goggle case.
· High quality True-SMA connectors.
· High quality custom TrueRC coax cables.
· 40deg beams divergence for wide coverage.
· Excellent for advanced diversity module IE: IRC Rapidfire & TBS Fusion.

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