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RealPit VTX Power Switch

1 490 Ft

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Features / Uses:

  • Plug in your VTx at any time with 0 power start-up
    • FlightOne may have a split-second power up on boot up. Some VTXs may transmit during that time.
  • Turn off your VTx on the line to avoid heat buildup
  • Fast Team Race Pit stops (Sub second transitions possible)
  • Compatible with all major VTxs
  • Turn off VTx during races to test hover builds without interfering with other pilots in the air.
  • Turn off VTx after Crash for clean video for other racers.
  • Solo Endurance Races, 3 quads ready on the line. Practice for more than 1 pack without taking off goggles. (Instructions on how to setup on OpenTX / Spektrum Coming soon)
  • LED Indicator light on board. (Light On \ Power On)
  • Can be used on any pad on Flight Controller.
  • Does not need a full UART.
    • I.E.: SmartAudio/Tramp on TX and RX for RealPit PinIO
  • Up to 4 RealPits per quad. This opens the possibility for LEDs, and VTX, and any other device you can imagine.
  • Toggle LED Power or any other devices under 1 amp draw.

Currently Supported Software:

      • Betaflight (PinIO 3.3.x or Greater)
      • Butterflight (PinIO)
      • FlightOne 1.2.4 + (PINTOGGLE)
      • Flyduino KISS V2 FC
        -Firmware 1.3RC39a (Beta)
        -KISS GUI 2.0.15

Operating Voltage: 5V - 28V (HV-6s) 1Amp Switch

Dimensions: 10 x 12.5 x 2.5 mm

Weight:  0.5 Grams w/ Heatshrink

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